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All Eyes Open Linocut Print


Each order contains one print.

A name for this piece never came, all there is to share are the thoughts this carving brings to me.
When thinking of my hands I think about all of the neat things they are capable of.
Sometimes my hands can do things I never knew they could. They must have eyes of their own one might think...
I also think about how when I imagine what I'd like to create, the outcome is rarely what I envisioned,
most of the time there's a vast difference as if my idea and my hand's ideas were not the same.
Do you think if I had robot hands they would be able to communicate with my mind's eye the way my human hands do now?
Would my robot hands be able to do as they do? Or would the perspective change...?

Originally the plan for printing this linocut was to make more bookmarks on not so precious paper.
Made a handful of those.. but had to print this design on some of the handmade cotton paper I've been wanting to use.
Glad I did, the textures that the cotton paper picked up from the linocut are just beautiful.

Hand printed on handmade mulberry paper.

Every single one of my prints is hand-printed and not a reproduction.
There are many different printmaking techniques.
Traditional printmaking techniques include relief printing, lithography, intaglio printing, and screen printing. At the moment, I prefer linocut printmaking which is a type of relief printing. All of my prints are created using this process.
First I start by drawing the image desired to carve onto a block of linoleum. Areas to remain the color of the surface being printed on are carved from the block first. Then the ink is rolled onto the uncut surface of the block. I then lay the paper on top of the block, first attaching the tabs that hold the paper in place so that each time I lay down the paper the image is transferred with complete registration. When the paper is removed the image then appears in reverse.

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