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Resting Birds Linocut Print

Sold Out

Frame not included.
Because this print has gained much love, this print will be OP until the lino can't take any more printing.
Please keep in mind, that each print is one of a kind and there might be slight varieties in each print. Some areas within the negative space have picked up ink here and there.

A house Wren took a liking to one of my flower baskets during the spring and decided to nest her babies there. Every day I carefully took my basket down to water my flowers and watch her babies hatch and fledge their nest. I'm always inspired by nature around me.

Printed with a Scarlet red relief Ink.
Using tan tone mixed media paper

9-inch x 12-inch Print

Every single one of my prints is hand-printed and not a reproduction. This means I hand print each by hand and do not get “printed” copies of my prints... Read more below to understand the process of printmaking.
I package my prints in clear, waterproof sleeves. I then lay the print between two pieces of thin hand-cut recycled cardboard to ship safely to you without bending.
My prints are hand-printed using Speedball and, or Gamblin relief ink.

There are many different printmaking techniques.
Traditional printmaking techniques include Relief printing, lithography, Intaglio Printing, and screen printing. At the moment, I prefer Linocut printmaking which is a type of relief print. All of my prints are created using this process.
First I start by drawing the image I want to carve onto a block of linoleum. Areas to remain white on the print are carved from the block. Then the ink is rolled onto the uncut surface of the block, I then lay the paper on top of the block and press using a spoon and wooden block to transfer ink from block to paper to produce a print. When the paper is removed the image then appears in reverse.
~A little History~

“The Art of printing was born in China during the Han Dynasty (a print on fabric can be dated 220 AD), although some artifacts have been discovered in Egypt dating from the sixth or seventh century BC. “

“Linoleum was invented by Frederick Walton (UK) in the mid-1800s, first patenting the material in 1860. At that time, its main use was that of flooring material, and later in the 1800s as actual wallpaper. By the 1890s artists had started to use it as an artistic medium. Although linoleum is a floor covering that dates to the 1860s, the linocut printing technique was first used by the artist Die Brücke in Germany between 1905 and 1913. It had been similarly used for wallpaper printing. “


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