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Entanglement Linocut Print

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One order contains one print as displayed on the textured blue paper, which is mounted on matte black paper. The black paper is 5x7.
This textured blue paper reminds me of the moving waves of the ocean, which I think correlates well with the symbolism of this print. You may carefully remove the print from the layers of paper if you so desire. The print is about 2x3, but each varies since the pieces of paper I used to print on are small scraps that I hand-tore. This earthy-looking paper is called mulberry paper.

The single labyrinth design here, to me, symbolizes our subjective paths through life. Sometimes the path we take is narrow, sometimes wide, sometimes path's end, and occasionally they go in circles.
If you followed this maze around you may have found that the only way in is the only way out, and the only way out is the only way in, much like a spiral.

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