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Reflecting With The Moon

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Reflecting with the moon requires a lot of patience, tolerance, and acceptance. The practice of mirroring the moon takes one through multiple incarnations of oneself.

Here as you can see, the girl is sitting by the water and reflecting with the moon. Alongside her, she has brought all she has gathered. 

This piece I'm working on right now was received in a dream several years ago. During the time that I saw this piece, I was still in the beginning process of learning the linocut techniques.  My supplies were limited and I was not ready to produce such an image. At the beginning of the dream, I was moving at the speed of light. I say that because I knew I was moving quickly and I could perceive flashes of bright colors within my peripheral view. As I slowed down I arrived in a line with many others it was a long line. In a matter of moments, I entered what appeared to be a building or office. There were numerous extravagant items throughout. It reminded me of an office of an explorer or a museum full of many amazing things. Looking around I thought to myself as I looked, these are not for me... I came around a corner in the room and found myself In front of a desk. I did not get very close to the desk. Behind the desk stood a man. A tall, slender, colored man, wearing fine clothing. He had his hands together in front of him at his waistline and did not speak a word to me.  He stepped aside and behind him hung a large image much like the one I am carving now. Although I didn't move it seemed as if my eye jumped off my face and was but inches away from this image, I scaled the whole picture which appeared in colors of blue and gray, and was astonished by the sight of it. After analyzing the image, my eyes were back to where I was standing. The man still stood silently in the same position. After a second I noticed on his desk he had two shrunken heads in jars and at that moment I leaped from the spot I was standing in and was right next to his desk I expressed with much passion how much my son loved shrunken heads. I was immediately out of the dream after my comment about the heads, which were obviously not for me. When I awoke, I was filled with inspiration, and I did my best to produce a basic sketch of the image to capture every detail I remembered. Although I can still see the scene as if I were dreaming.

The piece will most likely not be for sale, as it was something I wanted to make for myself. This is a linocut reduction print. From the same block, I carve and print multiple times, repeating the same process to retain the color of ink I am printing each time. The metal tabs attached to the cardboard along this block help me keep the paper registered each time I am printing. This piece will be completed with a total of six layers of ink. The colors vary from gray to blue, and the final layer will be charcoal gray.

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